Who are we?

Know your revolution

The Million Plus is a plastic recycling revolution that will shake this country from its apathy. The Million Plus are demanding that more South Africans join the plastic recycling revolution and commit to using plastic responsibly by keeping used packaging out of the environment, out of landfill, and putting it back into the recycling value chain.

It is unapologetically an initiative to change the country’s behaviour and get more South Africans recycling their plastic packaging. At the moment, not enough South Africans recycle and that needs to change, now. Stand up. The Revolution starts with you.

Starting with the goal of a million recyclers is only the beginning, and we need more. If you are already one of us, already a recycler, then you know it is our duty to get the people we know to get behind the cause and start recycling too.

If each revolutionary recruits others, the Million Plus will become not only a revolution but a reality. A new reality which you helped action. A reality in which recycling in South Africa is the norm and the environment is restored.


What Does a Plastic Recycling Revolutionary Do?

1. Recycle the plastic packaging that you buy.

2. Encourage others to recycle – tell your friends, peers, colleagues, family, even strangers on the street about the benefits of joining the revolution and becoming a recycler.

3. Tell us how your recycling is collected or where you take your recycling. We want to create a database of recycling companies so that everyone can easily find their nearest recycling centre or know which collection company to call.


Our mission is to get one Million Plus South Africans to join the plastic recycling revolution and commit to recycling in order to return to a healthier environment and a better world for all.


Our vision is to eradicate plastic waste in our environment and to make recycling the norm for every South African.


With so many problems facing the world right now – from climate change to poverty – recycling is one of the differences each one of us can make every day that has far-reaching benefits. The Plastic Recycling Revolution is on a mission to keep plastic out of our environment and to grow plastic recycling in South Africa. We aim to do this by getting one million people to commit to recycling and to spread the word about the importance of recycling by recruiting others to the revolution. Join us, share your recycling stories, information and needs and help build a healthier environment for all.


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