Million + Zoo Lake

With the vision of eradicating plastic waste in our environment and to make recycling the norm for every South African, the Million+ Plastic Recycling Revolution has partnered with Joburg City Parks and Zoo and the Zoo Lake Users Committee to help make a difference at Zoo Lake. Money earned from selling the recyclables will be used by the Zoo Lake Users Committee to upgrade the park.

On your next visit to Zoo Lake:

1 – Look out for the Million+ benches and tables (which are made from recyclable material)

2 – Take a picture at the Million+ photo frame and post it on social media to show your support for recycling in South Africa

3 – Look out for the Million+ team who will be at Zoo Lake on certain days handing out prizes to those who recycle

4 – Make sure to use the Million+ recycling bins that have been put up around the park

Zoo Lake will directly benefit from your recycling. Every piece of recycling collected at Zoo Lake will be bought by an independent recycling collector, called Wastrepreneurs, who will pay Zoo Lake for their recyclables! This means that the Zoo Lake Users Committee will have extra funds to put towards further upgrades and keeping the Park clean – making it a place we can all be proud of.

And remember, if you want to support Zoo Lake with your recyclables that you have collected at home, you can drop off your recyclables at the recycling centre behind the depot, opposite the Bowls Club.


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