who is polyco?

Polyco (The Polyolefin Responsibility Organisation) is a non-profit company focused on turning used plastic packaging into a valuable resource that works for our economy. We aim to grow the collection and recycling of polyolefin plastic packaging in South Africa and to promote the responsible use and re-use of this plastic packaging. Our mission is to reduce the number of plastics going to landfill and to end plastic waste in the environment. Polyco does this by collaborating with various stakeholders, by investing in innovation and recycling infrastructure in South Africa, and by educating both the industry and the consumer about recycling.

Polyco’s Main Objective

Polyco aims to minimise the environmental impact of plastic once it is used by consumers in South African through collaboration with various stakeholders to:

• Increase collection rates and recycling volumes in South Africa by investing in recycling infrastructure;

• Increase the use of recycled content in packaging and drive the circular economy by investing in innovation and end-use development;

• Drive awareness and education about recycling with both industry and consumer.


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